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Studio Huette goes Kunsthalle(n) Toggenburg 

"Huette auf Wanderschaft" at "Freie Republik Bad Hemberg"

 September 2020

first Artist in Residence at Studio Huette Sommer 2020

Verena Unruh Streu 

past Projects 

Sammlung Huette 2020


In the year following the first large group exhibition, much has happened in and around the Huette. From this bustling time of experimenting with place and people, the "Sammlung Huette" emerged as a manifested climax of organic activity. The format surprised and convinced us. Thus a two-day program was realized with a wide range of artistic media (installation, new media, music, performance, reading, 30 min solo exhibition, poetry, books), meaningful interspaces and various social rituals (tasting, dance, lottery, snail race). The Huette turned out to be a stage for an active audience, the format created an intimate as well as constructive atmosphere to meet each other. Through a concrete yet open conception of the program, the fluid activity on scene could be sensitively followed over the two days, while at the same time metting the high demands of artistic professionalism. What is special, as well as symptomatic, is precisely this intimate and open space, in which a "prejudice-free", "personal" and "meaningful" contact/exchange/encounter between all participants in such a group process can be cultivated.


Maria Kobylenko, Stefan Klein, Gaspar Scholl Chafirovitch, Fred Unruh, Jonas Heyn, Moritz Zeisner, Martin Haug, Cleo Schrieb, Grenadine Ruebler, Lisa-Maria Steppacher, Dilan Capan, Noell Simon, Julianna Johnston, Madeleine Brunnmeier, Maria Tristan, Federico Torres, Moritz Schmolke, Gabriel Rosenbach, Diego Wichert 

                        Grenadine Ruebler reading "Ach Arachne"

                             Sammlung Huette 2020

                 Noel Simon Tattoo Artist, Sammlung Huette 2020

Fred Unruh Installation "Wir sind Papst", Sammlung Huette 2020 

          Moritz Zeisner, Martin Haug Sound & Video Installation

          "searching for new noise" Sammlung Huette 2020 

        Anan Yoon Lee "High Dynamic Range Planetary Rendering"

                      Jan Matysek "Polyethelyne Terephthalate"

           Julianna Johnston "Livestream D‘erive" Sammlung Huette 

Madeleine Brunnmeier "Poem about Death" 

Moritz Schmolke "the Game" Sammlung Huette

Maira Tristao "who bosses the womb"

       Film Screening with Anna Moon Lee, Madeleine Brunnmeier,     Jan Matysek, Julianna Johnston, Moritz Schmolke,

Sammlung Huette 2020 

Installation by Gaspar Scholl-Chafirovitch "new Gate" 

Sammlung Huette 2020 

Sound & Video Performance by Maria Koblyenko, Jonas Heyn 

Sammlung Huette 2020 

Lisa-Maria Steppacher Installation "Hörst du Fr.Holle?"

Sammlung Huette 2020

Experimental Jazz Concert by Moritz Schmolke, Gabriel Rosenbach & Diego Wichert,  Sammlung Huette 2020

30 min Solo Exhibition 

Das Format der 30 minütigen Solo Ausstellung. 

Die Zeitlich limitiere, intensive Auseinandersetzung mit einem Werk. 

Anders als gewohnt hängt die Arbeit nur für einen Augenblick, somit werden die Betrachter aufgefordert sich Intensiv mit dem gesehenen zu befassen. 

Gemeinsam in einer überschaubaren Gruppe etwas zu betrachten bringt eine besondere intime Atmosphäre mit sich.

Bei der Präsentation geht es nicht unbedingt darum ein bereits fertiges Werk zu präsentieren. Auch Experimente oder Work in Progress Beiträge sind gerne gesehen. Dem Trubel einer gewöhnlichen Eröffnung entgegenwirken. 

Der Ausstellenden Künstler wird darum gebeten einen kleinen Kreis an Personen einzuladen. Im Anschluss gibt es ein Künstler Gespräch verknüpft mit einem Dinner. Eine entschleunigte Eröffnung und freudiges beisammen sein. 

Artists: Jakob Tress, Ferdinand Döllberg, Kevin Lüdicke, Björn Heyn 

                     30 Minuten Solo von Jakob Tress

                        "Smiley: Gefangen im Leitungsdruck der Erwerbstätigkeit" 


     30 min Solo von Kevin Lüdicke  "Atelier" 

               30 min Solo von Björn Heyn "Kinder sind manchmal doof"

30 min Solo von Ferdinand Döllberg "Zweischichtmaske"

Gruppenausstellung "Facing Realities"

in Zusammenarbeit mit The Art Union e.V

Kuratiert von Phillipp Barth, Björn Heyn, Kevin Lüdicke

Text von Diana Bach 2019 


In the heart of a garden colony in Berlin-Charlottenburg, the exhibition “FACING REALITIES” explores the dispositif of allotment gardening in Germany by more than 30 contemporary positions. A 300sqm gardening plot which belonged to a family of policemen for 35 years serves as the starting point for the exploration of the sociotope of the interaction between identity and common understanding of the colonists. The perspectives on this phenomena could hardly be more diverse: More than 30 Berlin-based German and international artists aged between 19 and 59 explore this microcosm by incorporating the legacy of the former owners of the allotment garden and put them indoor and outdoor in the context of their respective medium – whether it be painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, moving images, animation, performance or dance art. Thus, a polyphonic commentary on our times arises between the tension field of deconstruction of tradition and construction of significance.


         Via Lewandowsky "Atoll" Facing Realities 2019

  Johannes Mundinger "Buxus" Facing Realities 2019

                 Phillip Junk Facing Realities 2019

                 Anna Anders "0n the lurk" Facing Realities 2019

                     Diego Cirulli Facing Realities 2019 

Georg Hobelsberger "Alpenglühen" Facing Realities 2019

   Robert Void Facing Realities 2019

            Mike Okay Facing Realities 2019

Jannis Uffrecht Facing Realities 2019

Katya Quel "Tubes" Facing Realities 2019

                   Kevin Lüdicke "Aufruf zum Ungehorsam" Facing Realities 2019 

Yazoo Yang Facing Realities 2019

                                              Charles Benjamin Facing Realities 2019

            Pablo Benzo Facing Realities 2019

                Björn Heyn "BBQ Chief Core 73" Facing Realities 2019 

Rocco und seine Brüder "§90a" Facing Realities 2019 

      Georg Vierbuchen Facing Realities 2019 

Frank Kunert Facing Realities 2019 

Peter Phobia, Jazoo Yuang, Robert Void, Facing Realities 2019 

Diego Cirulli, Jana Jedermann, Georg Hobelsberger, Facing Realities 2019

Quintessenz Facing Realities 2019

    Special Thanks to Jannis Uffrecht & Samual Solazzo for the great Pictures